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Franklin, North Carolina

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Jeff Johnson Timber Frames, Inc. is a small, owner-operated timber frame company in the southwestern mountains of North Carolina. We operate with a staff of experienced timber framers who enjoy their craft and love the woods they work with. All are members of the Timber Framers Guild and take pride in the tradition of the timber framing craft. 


“In our efforts to achieve fine craftsmanship, we have been able to create functional art.” – Jeff Johnson


Timber Frame Great Roominterior

hammered truss porch Interior truss hammered

We make the extra effort to be sure your timber frame is constructed with the highest quality joinery. Our joints are fully housed including knee braces. Housed joinery increases the strength and stability of any timber frame structure.

We also offer various options in wood species for timber frame homes, entry ways, carports and pavilions. For photos and details on our joinery and wood species options for timber frames, please visit our Timber Frame Construction page.

We provide several standard timber frame designs which will suit a great variety of floor plans. If our standard timber frame designs do not work with your home plan, we are able to design a custom timber frame home for you. To view these designs and more details, please visit our Timber Frame Homes page. We also have several home plans that we can convert either completely or in part to timber frames. When a home is only partially timber framed, we call this a hybrid timber frame home. You may view these plans on our Home Plans page.

timbered porch in construction fiinished timbered porch

Interior timber frame eastern white pineCompleted heavy timber framed home