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Timber Frame Services


Jeff Johnson Timber Frames, Inc. is a design build company. Our Timber Frame services include:

Planning your Timber Frame Home

Your building process will begin with the planning of your home. The choice of wood species and timber frame style is the first step in the planning of any timber frame home. We will help you make the selections that work best for you. Much consideration will be given to the natural characteristics of your building site. Timber species selection is a vital choice for your satisfaction with your home. We will discuss the pros and cons of each species in regard to strength, color, cost and cosmetic characteristics.

Timber Frame Home Design

Jeff Johnson Timber Frames offers a collection of standard timber frame designs which we call our “Watershed” series. These designs are simple, beautiful and strong. There is a great deal of versatility in each of these timber frames. Floor plans can be oriented in various ways within any given frame design. If our standard timber frame designs do not suit your desired floor plan, modifications may be made to create your own custom home design. Custom timber frame designs may be created by our staff to include your own ideas or your home design may be created by others and then converted by us to a timber frame structure to suit your design.

The Construction of Your Timber Frame Home

  • Milling or planing is standard on all of our frames. If you would like to see the “saw marks” we can leave them “rough”. Planed timbers are smooth and soft to the touch. 98% of our frames are planed. We also do a first sanding to help clean any knife marks created during the milling process. All timbers are joined with mortise, tenons, and trunnels or wooden pegs.
  • Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS) are used to enclose our timber frames. We work with a number of panel manufacturers. Ask us for our recommendations on their use, efficiency and insulating values.
  • Tongue and groove boards 1 x 6 and/or 2 x 6 are used in the ceilings, decks and loft floors of our timber frames. Our standard timber frame prices include tongue and groove boards of Spruce or Eastern White Pine. Other widths and species are available upon special request. We install the tongue and groove boards if desired.

Specialized Timber Frame Options

  • Hand hewn beams – “New timbers, old look.” A craftsperson will come to our shop and with all hand tools (and a strong back) hand hew each timber. This is only offered in the white pine frames.
  • Timber stains – we can work with a number of stains to achieve the desired look. For example: White Pine with a Cherry stain, White Pine with a Walnut stain, etc.
  • Structural Engineering – If your local officials need to see or keep a “set” of approved plans, we can provide them.
  • Stairs – if you need stairs in your timber frame home, we can provide very uniquely designed stairs to match your frame.