Strength and energy efficiency through structural panel construction.

Since their introduction more than fifty years ago, SIPs have been used in thousands of homes and light commercial buildings. It is our opinion that you can not find a better enclosure for your timber frame home. Talk to a few of our home owners and I think you will find a true testament to their benefits.

The insulation values for panels are far superior to conventional framing and insulating methods. The insulation core is polyurethane, 2.2 lb. density closed cell foam. Outer and inner skins are 7/16″ Oriented Strand Board (OSB).
Minimum R-Values are as follows:

  • Walls – R-24, R-28
  • Roof – R-40

The savings in energy costs will usually offset the higher initial costs of SIPS over conventional framing. Conventional 2×6 framing with batten installation will never be able to compare with the strength of a SIPS roof or wall.

SIPs also have superior transverse and axial-loading capabilities with increased racking resistance over conventional framing enclosures. Foam fire rating is Class 1. No formaldehyde or CFC’s are contained in this product.

SIPS affords faster dry in time by as much as 40% as shown by studies. They also allow for less install materials, mainly dimensional lumbers and nails, which in return decreases site waste due to misuse and/or miss-cuts of materials.

Reading articles and viewing photos of recent natural disasters will only reinforce a positive view of SIPs.

  • 1993 earthquake in Kobe Japan, SIP houses left undamaged amid other destruction.
  • 1998 a tornado rolls through conventionally-framed houses in an Atlanta suburb, but causing only superficial damage to a SIPs home in the middle of the destruction.