You are now ready to find the best timber frame for your needs. You may begin your search knowing precisely what you want. Most people, however, will have either a suitable floor plan or a list of “need and want” elements for their new home. Whichever your case, you will be looking into standard as well as custom timber frame possibilities.

The choice you make will be determined by the potential a standard timber frame has to suit your home design. If necessary, you will then alter this standard timber frame design with any variables in space, plan and cost to make minor or major customizations.

Our standard line of timber frame homes may be customized to meet your specific floorplan and/or basic home design needs.

Our Watershed Series is a collection of timber frame designs that have been proven over the years to be beautiful, functional and easy to adjust for each homeowners individual needs. The frames are very easy to lengthen for example from 42 feet long out to 54 feet long with a cost increase of only $1,600.00. Wall heights can be increased with the same outcome of minimal cost. These designs have been a corner stone for our company for thirteen years.

The South Sauty Creek Timber Frame

28′ x 32′ Timber Frame
896 sq. ft. Main Floor
896 sq. ft. Upper Floor
1792 Total Sq. Ft.

The Watauga River Timber Frame

28′ x 42′ Timber Frame
1176 sq. ft. Main Floor
784 sq. ft. Loft
2086 Total Sq. Ft.


The Little River Timber Frame

28′ x 42′ Timber Frame
1176 sq. ft. Main Floor
1176 sq. ft. Loft
2352 Total Sq. Ft.

The Green River Timber Frame

42′ x 42′ Timber Frame
1568 sq. ft. Main Floor
784 sq. ft. Upper Floor
2352 Total Sq. Ft.

The Weoka Creek Timber Frame

42′ x 42′ Timber Frame
1764 sq. ft. Main Floor
644 sq. ft. Loft
2408 Total Sq. Ft.

The Coosa River Timber Frame

48′ x 42′ Timber Frame
2097 sq. ft. Main Floor
280 sq. ft. Upper Floor
2377 Total Sq. Ft.
Hammer Beam Truss

The Russell Fork Timber Frame

56′ x 42′ Timber Frame
2352 sq. ft. Main Floor
910 sq. ft. Second Floor
3262 Total Sq. Ft.