We offer the best timber frame for your investment in the southeast. Our timber frames are designed to have superior strength in each union or joint that we cut. We design for strength and natural beauty while holding the price in line or below that of similar timber frame homes and other timber frames offered by our competitors.

We offer a number of timber frame homes, in milled white pine with principal timbers chamfered and sanded.

Timbers for your frame

All prices given are based upon Eastern White Pine. Other woods are available (see our Timber Species section.)  Prices for other timber species will vary.

Milling, cutting and joinery of your timbers

Prices include the planing of your timbers and all cuts and joinery.

Jeff Johnson Timber Frames offers you the finest in timber frame joinery.

Timber Frame “Fit Up”

Prices also include the fitting of your frame before it is delivered to the building site.

Timber Frame Raising

For more information on our raisings please visit our raisings page.

Panel Enclosure and Tongue & Groove Decking

Prices are listed for dry-in packages and this includes your panels ( SIPS ), tongue and groove floors and ceilings, and the labor to install both. Tongue and groove decking is in Spruce or Eastern White Pine.


We are seeing custom homes throughout the southeast between $150 – $375 per square foot finished.

Some of our most recent custom homes, which include the timber frame, structural insulated panel system (SIPS) and tongue and groove with installation/raising are averaging between $50 – $87 per square foot (not finished).

A full custom timber frame home, for the timber frame only is averaging $24 – $52 per square foot.

We also have the option to do structural timber frame trusses only, which average $21 – $32 per square foot.  See our Timber Frame Truss Page for pictures and more information on our trusses.

Note: All prices are subject to change according to current material costs. we give square foot pricing estimates for your reference. These are approximations and considering the exact costs involved in the specifications of your timber frame, these prices per square foot may vary.