William Alan Crocker (Bill)

February 3rd, 1937 – March 6th, 2015

Bill was true friend that is missed daily by all of us. He could never be replaced and he still rides with me daily.

Born in Derby, CT, he was the son of the late Harry Kibby Crocker and Gladys Irene Lowe Crocker.

Mr. Crocker loved his family and his friends dearly. No matter if he was just visiting, conversing over coffee and doughnuts, fishing, helping with timber frames, restoring old machinery, welding, sandblasting or woodworking, He most always had a smile on his face and a friend by his side. Friends we all wish we had, of the truest nature, which stood by him and with him through it all.

He was a cabinetmaker by trade, loved sailing in his younger years, and was extremely proud of the wooden canoe he had built. His outlook on life was simple, positive, and thankful. He believed we were here to help others anyway we could, and he was true to what he believed, always helping anyone he could.

Michael F. Jacobs

February 14, 1957 – May 19, 2011

Mike was the first member of our timber team.  He came to work with us in 2004. Mike had an excellent eye for details and craftsmanship.  Mike and I designed all the timber frames for the company between 2005 – 2010.