It is all about joinery-
“We put wood and wood together with wood.”

Timbers are hand chiseled with great precision in our shop in Franklin, North Carolina. Our timber framing is never subcontracted.

Jeff Johnson will be your contact throughout the construction of your timber frame home. He and his team will design, hand-cut, deliver and raise your timber frame at your site with the goals of safety, strength, beauty and elegance in mind.

Our joinery is taken from styles of English, German, Japanese and early American.  If you look in some of our country’s earlier frames, you will, no doubt, see some influences from craftsmen throughout the world. However, we as craftsmen are sensitive to the practice of historic preservation of the timber frame craft.

We design and build full timber frame homes, timber frame hybrids (i.e. homes where only a portion of the house is timber framed) and timber frame trusses. All timber frame options are available in an assortment of designs to meet your needs.

Timbers are inspected and graded by our staff. We are very picky about the wood we use. Ask our timber suppliers! We can supply timbers that are rough sawn, planed on 4 sides, or hand hewn. (Hand hewn available in white pine only.)

All timber frames are dry fitted or trial fitted, at our facility in Franklin, North Carolina in order to check for proper dimensions and fit before delivery. We also offer draw-pegged frames.